Wealth Management For Your Unique Situation

We create durable solutions to help people to weather their retirement highs and lows.

With a scientific approach to wealth management, we rely on quantitative planning, investing and risk mitigation to ensure your long-term income stability.

Wealth Management for Your Unique Situation

Wealth management

We create durable solutions to help people to weather their retirement highs and lows.

With a scientific approach to wealth management, we rely on quantitative planning and investing to ensure your long-term income stability.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Our clients want to build strong partnerships with their strategic advisors.  They seek highly customized financial plans, objective advice and distinctive investment solutions for retirement security and estate plan beneficiaries.

Our commitment is to go above and beyond quarterly plan updates and monthly account reporting with Concierge Services and on demand meetings that provide:

  • Decision support
  • Income maximization
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Compliance calendars
  • Tax insights
  • Trust administration

Adaptive Portfolio Management in Action

Our portfolio management approach is flexible and caters to what is important to you.  Our mission is to help investors achieve their financial goals by delivering superior performance at a reasonable cost through a systematic investment process. 

We aim to overcome the limits of passive index investing with downside protection and potential for excess return.  These investment programs can be implemented separately or in combination, depending on your objectives and risk preferences.

Managed Portfolios

  • Adaptive index investing using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) integrated with real-time risk response for consistent benchmark returns, reduced volatility and potential drawdowns.
  • Quantitative equity portfolios for excess returns given concentrated portfolios.
  • Structured fixed Income solutions using corporate bonds, green bonds and direct investments in infrastructure capital projects.
  • Alternative investments including risk-managed commodity portfolios.

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Capital Preservation and Risk Management

Unexpected risk is the number one reason that investors abandon their strategic plans and fail to achieve their financial goals. 

Saffron Capital was founded on the belief that active risk management constitutes a unique approach to value creation. Enable capital preservation with the following:

Risk Management Tools

  • Saffron WealthLock - Complete account aggregation—regardless of type or institution—for single point access and total insight. WealthLock also provides real-time monitoring and communications to enable your defined risk response by your advisors or bank custodians.
  • Saffron Risk Response - Our rules-based technology uses leading economic indicators and quality market signals to define when to overweight with risky assets (“risk on”) versus when to overweight with cash assets, like money market accounts and Treasury Bills (“risk off”).

Saffron WealthLock and real-time risk response are essential features of our commitment to create value for you.

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