The Secret For Getting Ahead Is To Get Started

Financial planning can seem overwhelming. Our job is to help you to gain control by breaking the complex and overwhelming down into small, manageable steps. And at every major step, we pause: to develop your strategies, to curate the advice and to continuously seek your feedback.

The Secret for Getting Ahead is to Get Started

Financial planning may seem overwhelming.  Our job is to help you to gain control by breaking the complex down into small, manageable steps.

The Devil is Always in the Details

The process is simple but digging into the details is not. Our principal advisor works closely with you to create and maintain all of your plans for informed decision-making and execution. We gain a detailed understanding of the key elements of your financial life, including:

  • Diversified income sources
  • Personal budgets and spending
  • Investments and debts
  • Retirement income planning
  • Family health and care needs
  • Closely-held businesses and assets
  • Estate structuring
  • Tax management
  • Social impact investing
  • Charitable giving

You Can Expect Our Complete Attention

Discovery Meeting

Asset Plan

  • Detail client balance sheet
  • Analyze asset allocations, sector exposures and costs
  • Identify portfolio concentrations and gaps
  • Assess portfolio returns/risks
  • Define asset re-balance needs and opportunities

Retirement Plan

  • Define long-term income and benefit profile
  • Define budget and variable spending strategies
  • Assess income, budget and market risks
  • Estimate cash flows and after-tax net worth by year
  • Assess plan sustainability and define recommendations

Investment Plan

  • Define current market outlook
  • Define assets, sectors and securities that will benefit from the current business cycle
  • Define model portfolios for client approval
  • Define investment policy and capital preservation plan
  • Assess impact of approved portfolio on Retirement and Estate Plan as needed

Estate Plan

  • Define wealth transfer goals and objectives
  • Identify issues or challenges
  • Detail transfer assets, fair value and cash flows over time
  • Work with client estate/tax attorney to define estate structures and after-tax cash flows
  • Finalize legal structure and estate plan for client approval

Advisory Planning Fees

  • $750 to create planning models and reports in year 1
  • $500/yr for model update in year 2 and after
  • Hourly rates for business plans, estate plans, or family offices
  • Flexible on planning scope and model update schedule
  • Includes on-demand planning support and meetings

Getting Started

We welcome inquiries for planning support from potential clients, tax or estate professionals. For more information, schedule a consultation at no cost to share your needs and to explore our planning and investment services.