Weighing Your Best Interests.  Talent You Can Trust.

Saffron Capital is an independent fiduciary.  That means we are legally obligated to place our clients’ interests first.  Our fiduciary duty is reinforced by our commitments to our clients and strategic partners.

Weighing Your Best Interests.  Talent You Can Trust.

Saffron Capital is legally obligated to place our client interests first.  Our fiduciary duty is further reinforced by our commitment to our clients and strategic tax partners.

Integrity in financial planning

Our Promise to You

  • Independence
    Stay privately owned to serve clients first (not shareholders)
  • Engagement
    Communicate with clients more, communicate better
  • Loyalty
    Favor the client’s interest above our own in all matters
  • Care
    Exercise skill in all client advice and care in all client actions
  • Fairness
    Seek the best execution of client goals and market transactions
  • Transparency
    Disclose all costs, potential risks, and conflicts of interest
  • Security
    Safeguard client trust, confidentiality, and data
  • Stewardship
    Leave everyone better

Account Aggregation for a Birds-Eye View

All financial plans and updates begin by consolidating your financial data. Sustainable planning and wealth management takes the aggravation out of data consolidation, and also brings  improved efficiencies and insight with automated data collection.

Bypass manual data collection and printing to achieve an unrivaled level of planning scope, flexibility and integrated reporting.  For example, we create and maintain custom cash flow models for your retirement, investments and estate plans. And by engaging with us and having Saffron planning tools at your fingertips, your strategic tax and legal advisors are better positioned to serve you.

Saffron Capital provides an industry leading fin-tech platform for secure and automated account data aggregation. Accurate and real-time connections to all your accounts are provided in one interface.  Elegantly designed and outrageously simple to use, account aggregation is the fastest way for you to experience our true value.

Comprehensive Wealth Planning Includes These Products

Asset Plan

The starting point for all plans.  Provides a single point of reference for your consolidated business and asset information. This plan presents:

  • Your consolidated net worth on a pre-tax basis. 
  • Your asset profile is assessed in the context of a large market of assets to define your total return and risk profile.
  • Detailed ‘x-ray analysis’ to see line-item securities in all the funds and structured products you own.
  • Country exposures, sector exposures, investment style and costs.

Finally, our advisory review presents asset gaps and concentrations given your full-spectrum goals, liquidity needs and risk preferences.

Retirement Plan

The essential plan for strategic decision-making.  A life-cycle plan given a clients’ full spectrum goals, income and spending.  The plan includes:

  • Consolidated net worth by year on an after-tax basis
  • Income and benefit program cash flows by year
  • Client specific budgets and spending strategies
  • Family medical costs and long-term care needs
  • Alignment with asset, investment, and estate plans
  • Scenario analysis and risk impact assessment
  • Tax code alignment and optimization

There are a lot of moving parts behind this report.  The goal is to shape future expectations and current actions to ensure plan sustainability.

Investment Plan

A tactical plan for the next 3 to 12 months.  Provides a detailed market outlook and investment options for the current business cycle.   It also includes:

  • A proposal to re-balance your portfolio to align with the business cycle outlook and your financial goals
  • Justification for new tactical asset allocations based on value, return momentum and risk
  • A comparison of your current vs proposed portfolio.
  • A risk response plan for capital preservation where your risk tolerance plays a commanding role.

Investment Plan development is an iterative process given client feedback, as well as input from strategic tax and estate partners, as needed.

Estate Plan

A legacy plan for your heirs, charitable giving and social impact investing.  The estate plan provides projected net worth and cash flows beyond your life span.  The plan also includes:

  • Key stakeholder summaries and goals
  • Simple entity maps and cash flow  visualizations
  • Cash flow and net worth models for all legal and  investment structures
  • Valuation due diligence 
  • Cost/benefit analysis for social impact investing
  • Negotiation, legal and tax support

The objective is to optimize structured ownership transfers and tax exposures for your beneficiaries.