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Biweekly – Market Insight Report

The report presents high-quality data science in an easy-to-read, graphical format.  This is the research data that informs our model portfolios and tactical asset allocations.  Scope includes:

  • Earnings Projections – Delivery of net income projections by company 3 to 12 months forward. The bottom-up report details the evolving nature of short-term business trends, earnings growth rates and revisions for 505 companies, 63 sub-sector industries, 11 market sectors, and the S&P500 index.
  • Value Metrics –  Value metrics are constructed using company earnings estimates.  Relative value is defined at the company, industry and sector level.
  • Return Momentum – Return momentum defines performance versus index and is used to rank the returns of listed companies and exchange traded portfolios by industry and sector.

Monthly – Market Benchmark Report

A comprehensive performance comparison across major asset groups and classes.  The graphical report provides benchmark return data to help investors to quickly assess the performance of their  investment portfolios.

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