Retirement Planning MasterClass

Retirement Planning MasterClass is a four part online course developed for the Osher Life-Long Learning Institute at the University of Minnesota.  The masterclass caters to detail-oriented people who want deeper insights into their retirement finances.  Are you finally preparing to retire? Or do you seek to rejuvenate an existing retirement plan? In both cases, learn to plan for the latest market costs and policies, while making sure your retirement life and capital are better protected.

Brad Horn

 Dates / Time

4 classes held each Wednesday

Dates: Oct 18, Oct 24, Nov 1 and Nov 8, 2023

Time: 6:30PM – 8:00PM

Location: Online

Practical Information You Can Apply

Transitioning from a regular paycheck to relying predominantly on savings is a big change.  It means your financial decisions and your approach to risk and capital preservation are more important than ever. This course blends lessons learned with hands-on planning and investment exercises to help you make the most of your retirement years.

Specifically, the course examines:

  • Emerging trends,  new demographics, and government policies
  • Model-based planning and retirement scenario analysis
  • Primary threats to retirement savings and income
  • Building-blocks for traditional and non-traditional income
  • Capital preservation strategies for risk-aware investment planning
  • Tax efficiency in retirement and investment accounts
  • Social Security and Medicare election strategies
  • Estate planning strategies to transfer wealth with purpose
  • Affording and enjoying full-spectrum goals
  • All class participants will receive by email a course workbook for long-term reference

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