March 28, 2022

S&P 500 Earnings Update – 1Q.2022

S&P 500 Earnings Update – 1Q.2022 Prelude to Earnings Season The first quarter earnings season is about to get underway and its worthwhile to review the latest earnings forecasts prior to the release of actual results. First, lets look at EPS guidance issued by companies since the first of the […]
November 3, 2021

S&P 500 Earnings Insight

S&P 500 Earnings Update Actual Earnings – 3Q.2021 The third quarter earnings season is well underway.  Actual earnings have been reported for 328 of the companies in the S&P 500 index.  Specifically, net income for all the reporting companies is 40.4% higher than that reported 12 months ago. The actual […]
July 6, 2021

Q3.2021 Financial Market Outlook

Financial Market Outlook 3Q.2021 The Financial Market Outlook provides a top/down analysis of the U.S. stock market.  The objective is to identify those sectors, industries and firms that are most likely to drive stock market performance in 3Q. This article was updated on 05-Aug-2021. Q3.2021 Financial Market Outlook full post(1511 […]
March 23, 2021

Financial Market Outlook Q2.2012

Financial Market Outlook Q2.2012 With the start of the new quarter, a top-down market analysis is applied to define the outlook for equities in Q2.  The goal is to understand what market sectors are most likely to drive stock market performance as the economy transitions from a recovery phase into […]